We bring a sustainable and responsible methodology to investments. Through an integrated approach, we connect sustainable investing and banking with strategy to bring about impressive results. Through a combined effort of managing operations with high-return valuations, we maximise opportunities for our client’s portfolio. From due diligence to consulting expertise, Comas advisors use an ROI-driven attitude to every business matter. Fostering collaboration and partnerships across international worlds, we offer clients pragmatic solutions for growing their capital.

Wealth Management

Connected with leading players in the economic sector, we provide our clientele with the highest level of wealth and asset management service. Our advisors and wealth management consultants are constantly transforming our approach to managing wealth to come out on top with each transaction consistently. Our broad expertise spans various sectors, utilising economic changes and unfavourable circumstances to our client’s benefit, returning with nimble responses while successfully reshaping client portfolios. Comas Family Office works together with heads of financial institutions and clients to provide exceptional service in value assessment, digitalisation, and asset advisory and allocation while consistently defining methods for new sourcing opportunities.

Financial Advisory

At Comas Family Office, we drive each client’s portfolio towards evident growth through a broad range of established and complementary product offerings. Our advisors measure investment and portfolio performance with quantitative tools and commercial technologies that generate stable returns and consistently mitigate risk. Comas Family Office financial managers operate with an intelligent asset allocation model to extract market insights, comply with new regulations, and minimize costs. We pride ourselves on our reputable trust with each client, conducting every transaction with full transparency no matter the fast-changing environmental circumstances.

Personal Concierge

We take care of and prioritise our client’s needs, both on a financial and personal level. Our advisors and private concierge managers tap into an exclusive network of service providers adept in serving high net-worth individuals. Comas Family Office leverages off years in being at our clients’ disposal, capable of managing any request. We ensure all administrative tasks are handled with the utmost attention and discretion to enable our clients’ complete relaxation and ease. Our advisors create a vision with our clients, taking away any unnecessary stress or challenges, so they can fully enjoy their wealth. Comas Family Office concierge specialists are experienced in managing properties, planning travel itineraries, leisure activities, and private transportation. According to each client’s preferences, we always arrange the logistics with the utmost quality.